By Kaitlyn Stahl


VanDuzer began his personal training career in December of 2016 when he earned his Interactive Fitness Trainers of America certification.  He continues training and learning in order to advance credits towards his certification.  VanDuzer has been serving our country for 5 years in the Army National Guard, and hopes to carry over the knowledge of fitness he has acquired to Kutztown students.  VanDuzer is also a member of a Kutztown intramural soccer team and encourages everyone to get involved!

VanDuzer has a bright future in the world of fitness.  He has been taking online classes in order to become a certified kickboxing instructor, and hopes to some day teach a kickboxing class at Kutztown.  VanDuzer's future goals include owning a fitness center that specializes in training individuals for functional obstacle training, such as, a spartan race.

VanDuzer's favorite quote is, "rise and rise again until lambs become lions."  He is optimistic that he can influence those he works with to persevere until they reach their goals.



VanDuzer's Process:
1. Go over goal and options and create a trainer-client understanding
2. Fitness assessment and consultation
3. Create a workout schedule/complete the first session
4. Plan the next five to ten sessions
5. Achieve goals

Fun Facts:

Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Gym Day: Chest
Hobbies: Writing
Advice for incoming freshman: "Don't stress too much."

If you'd like to train with Robert VanDuzer, please contact the Rec Center or Robert at for more details.